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Thread: Puppy teeth

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    Puppy teeth

    My 6 1/2 month lab pup still has one last upper canine tooth present along side a well formed adult canine .the pup tooth doesn't feel loose at all is this ever going to come out ? She has regular access to red deer antler for chewing and always has a stick in her mouth so I'm surprised it's not come loose .your thoughts please .

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    They can become retained and need surgical extraction. Sometimes the retained deciduous tooth can cause the normal tooth to be misaligned.

    My advice is get the vet to remove it carefully.

    Chewing bones may risk just the crown snapping off, leaving the root behind.

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    Get a hessian sack and let her rag it.

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    Another vote for removing it before it affects the rest of the mouth, so I'd get it checked.

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    we had a lab with this problem and it never caused him a problem although he passed away at about the age of two, nothing at all to do with the tooth.

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    She's been at lumps of wood while on exercise and it seems to have come out even though it felt solid .
    cheers for the replies guys

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