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Thread: Old Rifle Regrets

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    Old Rifle Regrets

    Has anyone sold a Rifle a regretted it a short time later ? Time and Time again i read "I wish I had never sold that rifle" and now my friend has done the same, Sold an old one, bought a new one and after a few weeks wishing he hadn't, No chance of buying it back either, He is adamant "Newer isn't always better" Can an old BRNO Mod 2 be on par with a New CZ ? I don't have any experience with either so cant comment, I think maybe he has just got too close and personal.
    Saying that I have an old Finnfire and wouldn't swop it for any other L/R old or new.! Old v New Remington I heard a while back as well, I take everything with a pinch of salt but when I was out with a friend a few months back and he was lined up on a Fallow with his New Remington it nearly ended up in the pond after he pulled the trigger and all he got was a "click" - not for the first time apparently..! Does anyone think the Rifles built today will stand the test of time like the old ones ?

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    I am having my old remy done up with the help of a couple of SD trade members ,I recently held a new remy similar to my model and have to admit it didn't feel of a similar quality although I'm sure it shot just as well as for lasting only time will tell !

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    My 2-E will go to my eldest, no regrets, till death do I part.

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    yes I sold a old german sporter falling bloke .22lr with twin set triggers rifle, and I have been searching for the past 15 years trying to find one with no success.

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    I was given an old Anschutz .22 b/a by a good friend.
    The mag was splayed and would only hold 3 , no blueing on the barrel and the stock was a very tatty looking piece of wood. In my wisdom I traded it in against a Marlin lever action for a box of ammo!
    Never shot as well with anything stupid boy Pike

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    I have never regretted SELLING any weapon that I owned. But I have regretted not BUYING some that I passed by the chance to.

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    Model 2 was at least as well built as the more modern CZ
    However the finish on the metal is better on some (but not all) of the CZ's.
    But the CZ has a plastic mag well that I dislike, mine now has an old Brno one in it's place.
    Model 2's didn't have the free floated barrel and have a barrel lug instead, which I also don't like.
    Proper old model 2's also have a 16mm dovetail, but if that old may also have a decent trigger.


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    I believe there are some firearms being built today that will stand the test of time, but they are not the "economy" pieces. That being said, I would guess the average age my guns would be in the 50- 60+ year range, and most I would not be interested in trading for a run of the mill new one. Even when adding to my modest collection , I am almost always attracted by something that has a history, and that was made in the day when quality, good finishing, and long term durability were important, both to consumers and manufacturers.

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    It almost happened to me
    nearly sold my .222 BRNO model 2!!

    close call

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    i had a bruno zkw in 22 hornet for several years i shot hundreds of foxes with it, it was an extension of me , my head keeper came across a lovely montecarlo stocked top end annie in 22 hornet i sold my bruno to buy it big mistake i wasn't anywhere near as accurate or handle as well for fast shooting i went back to try to buy it back but she was gone
    a barony original

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