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Thread: reveiws on meopta scope?

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    reveiws on meopta scope?

    ive been offered a meopta 7-50 and a meopta 4-12x50 scope what do you guys think of these? ill be using them on a .222 for lamping

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    My mate uses a 7 x 50 Meopta and it seems a very decent scope.


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    I dont do lamping so can't comment on them for that purpose but as scopes go I have a 3 to 9 x 42 on one of my stalking rifles and its a very good scope and well made with good glass.

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    I have a 7x50 meopta on board the 6.5x55, very nice scope in my opinion

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    Used a few over the years, top scopes, glass is tip top, I have a 3-12x50 for sale in classifieds.

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    Well built and good glass.
    I have one of each for sale.
    If you dont mind would you pm me with the prices that you have been offered them for so I can see how that compares to my asking prices?


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    Cracking scopes. I use one, my mates all now use them. You won't go far wrong with them
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Very good scopes, solidly built and really great glass. Very good for lamping and low light conditions.

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    Had the 7x50 on my .243 for a while when I first got it. It was a nice scope and for stalking it was fine but I found myself needing more mag for foxing at night especially for id. Also it's nice to be able to wind it up abit I case you fancy the odd crow at long range etc.

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    Good scopes - can't tell the difference between my 6x42 Meopta or 6x42 Zeiss.

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