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Thread: hw 100 advise .

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    hw 100 advise .

    Hi everyone I am in the market for a Weihrauch HW 100 F.A.C for vermin I ask you which model to get . T or S model which one its beater for the field ? thanks.

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    Yukon, I have 2 hw100s and they are cracking bits of kit. Mine are both sub 12ft/lbs as I personally believe FAC air is a waste of a slot on my FAC. if I were to get one tho' it would be an HW100.

    The stock (S or T) is a matter of preference but mine are both the S stock as it fits my hands beautifully. Top tip from me is ditch the standard air reservoir and get yourself an A&M custom, aluminium one which shaves loads of weight off and makes it really easy to use. I personally also have changed the barrel bands so the barrel is free floating.

    Out in the field? Sub FAC will put pellet on pellet out to 25m all day long. FAC will push that out to 40yds (well on the FAC HW 100 that I have played with it does). Try lots of different pellets at first until you find one your barrel likes. My 2 love Air arms diabolo 5.52s but definately dislike several other makes.

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    Firstly mate, get a .177 sub 12ft/lbs which is the choice of most vermin controllers. Flat fast pellet out to a good 50m. FAC is a lot more hassle and you may as well just get a .22LR.
    I have them in the 'S' stock which is the full length version. I also have the KS carbine version which you be better avoiding especially if going FAC as the reduced length also affects the bottle length which means less air! Extremely accurate and very well made rifles though.

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    The HW100s are great guns for vermin work when they are standard power (non-FAC) ones, some of the best you can get in my book. But for FAC Air Rifle you really want a 'bottle gun', especially if you want to go 30 foot pounds and up. That means something like a Rapid, Daystate Air Ranger, Superten etc.. that can take a 400CC+ air bottle. The HW100s tank is too small for that to be worth doing in my book, even though you can buy them. Just my 2 cents worth.

    FAC Air guns do have their uses i.e. on land not suited to rimfire / centre fire rifles but most of the time you would be better off with a rimmy.

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    Neumo you are right, i've had a rapid for over 10 yrs its set on 40ft lb and i love it .A bottle gun is the way to go

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    I use a HW100SK in FAC which I love. I previously had the full length version which was a little unwieldly and prefer the shorter model. It is doing around 22ft/lbs and I am getting the trajectory of a .177 std airrifle in .22cal which for me is worth it. Not everyones cup of tea, but for me a FAC airrifle has lots of uses and is worth adding to a licence.

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    Oh sorry, forgot to add- get yourself logged into the WOC (weirhauch owners club) forum..... Loads of info and resources on there!

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    22lr is deadly on some of my permisions so i have had fac air a few times .i'm in the market for a nice fac daystate in a few weeks and daystate is what i would recomend.nothing wrong with rapid just think there ugly.

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    thanks to all that replay to me .

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    I have the HW100 in .22, for barn pigeon control at reasonably close ranges. It is a grand rifle to use, and though heavy is incredibly accurate. It is a sub 12ft/lb model. I find chasing pigeons in barns a fine alternative to stalking, and in its own way is great fun. I have never used a FAC air rifle, but how would this fit in / be an advantage over a rimfire.

    I have a CZ .22 for longer range rabbits and guess the FAC air must be for fairly specific areas, such as very hard ground where ricochets are an issue. This is not an issue for me, but had often wondered why a relativity expensive to buy and run FAC air is an advantage. I have used CCI shorts and dust/bird shot with the rimfire, to be honest with limited success, hence the air rifle!

    The grounds i use the HW and CZ work well with what i am doing in their own ways. Am i right in saying that FAC air is the best tool to use, but in very restricted and specific types of shooting?
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