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    Bl**dy pets

    Now that all things Deer seem to be in vogue. My wife has decided that she wants some antlers on the wall. She bought me a lovely 2' square painting of a red stag for christmas and now she thinks that the trophys that have been shut away for ages should be on the dining room wal beside it. Great!
    I dont have lots of trophys but the ones I have are special to me. The trophys off the first two Roe bucks that I ever shot have been in the wardrobe for nearly 10 years and last night I brought them downstairs and filled the skulls with car body filler ready for mounting on shields and left them on the dining room table in the conservatory to dry. We decided on the layout on the wall for them and tonight I was going to get them up.
    I came downstairs this morning and went into the conservatory to feed Max and one of the Roe skulls was on the floor, Max was lying on the dining room table between the Fallow, Munty and remaining Roe skull with a very sheepish look on his face. He had chewed the nasal bones of the Roe skull so all is left is the cavity that is full of filler. The dining room table looks like he has tried to dig through it. The other skulls haven't been touched. The fallow and the Munty trophy have been in there for about 6 months and he never touched them. Oh how I laughed when I 10 minutes later I moved one of the dining room chair in the dining room (two dining room tables) and found that my daughters kitten has used 2 of the leather chairs as a scratching post

    I'm getting a goldfish.
    On the plus side she thinks we need more trophy's


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    Ha HA

    This has happened to me.
    My first deer, a fallow pricket, something to remember was my idea.
    Boiled the head out, left it on a bench in the garden.
    A day later found just the antlers little bugger of a dog decided he had a better use for it!

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    Christmas dinner and Bonnie the hairy crocodile sits next to me and the chief kitchen mechanic says 'whats that she has'?
    Only the half of a roast beef joint left on the kitchen worktop!
    They do have their moments dont they
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    Only one thing to say under these circumstances. GOOD DOG What a tracker you are going to make.

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    Bet you wish you had gone down the kennel route! We don't have cats, so never have the problems they can bring.
    My dogs would have their moments when in the house, but no problems now they are outside in their own area, I know they are safe and there's nothing for them to destroy either.
    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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    One day when our dog was a pup, we realised we'd not seen him for a while, so I checked outside the back door to make sure he'd not got shut out. No. I then shouted his name up stairs. He came out of the spare bed room on to the landing, looked at me and then went back in again. That was a bit strange so I went up to see what he was doing. I looked in the bed room and he was just sat in the middle of the floor, hungrily looking up at the trophies hanging out of reach on the wall. Daft.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    After carefully jointing the first muntjac i had ever shot, i left it on the kitchen table ready for freezing then went to the lounge to get a tissue, i was out of the room seconds, my staff had managed to get one of the haunches of the table and scarpered into the garden with it, by the time a wrestled it off him he had eaten most of it.
    I cursed at him but could not really scold him, after all thats what dogs do, the urge must have been overwhelming.


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    My dog got a hold of a good roe skull made a right mess off it

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