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Thread: Laurence Catlow

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    Laurence Catlow

    Evening all ,not stalking but wondered if anybody new how Laurence Catlow was ? I asked this question a few years ago as I miss his writing in shooting times ! I believe he was unwell a few years ago but wondered how he was doing ?
    Many thanks

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    No replies I see. I have to say I wonder too. I also enjoyed his Shooting Times articles and his books were a good read.

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    Was he the chap who did a column similar to john humphreys?
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    Is he the guy who is a school teacher and used to take the boys out on field trips to build pheasant pens and go beating! Wish I had had a teacher like him, the adults that I most remember from childhood (outside my family) were my old Cub Scout Arkela, John Nicholls and my first boss on a evening/Saturday job, Jim Bugby the fishmonger. I reckon those two taught me more than all the teachers put together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glyn 1 View Post
    Is he the guy who is a school teacher and used to take the boys out on field trips to build pheasant pens and go beating!
    Yes, that's the guy. I can't imagine that would ever have happened at my school: there wasn't an exam in any of those things after all!

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    He taught Latin at Sedbergh School, a private boarding school in Cumbria and lives nearby. He fishes and shoots. In Some years ago he realised a dream to buy some land for a small shoot and a flight pond which he keepered himself and had friends come for a days sport. His pupils used to help him out on the keepering side and got a bit of sport for their help. I know he had a gun or half gun in another driven shoot (or walk one, stand one) in south Cumbria or possibly north Lancashire.

    He retired from teaching a few years ago now I guess and not long after, his occasional articles about his shoot and his efforts to stop smoking (he smoked a pipe) stopped in the Shooting Times. He wrote a few books about shooting and fishing and they seemed to stop appearing about the same time. He appeared politically somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun (no bad thing in itself) and was very good at explaining in the written word the enjoyment he got from his sport, thus sharing it with his readers.

    I too heard he'd been unwell some time ago, but nothing more. Perhaps, as Mark Twain said after he saw his obituary in a newspaper "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" he is still with us and fine, hope so. Thought someone may know him and be able to shed some light.

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    Yes I really loved his work could relate to all of it ! It is a bit of a mystery what has happened not a word in shooting times ! I might have to write to shooting times to find out ?

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    I've subscribed to Shooting Times for several years, and haven't seen any reports that he has passed away. I always read his articles, and hope he's still shooting and fishing (and enjoying his pipe and the odd glass or two).

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    Morning All.

    I can confirm that Laurence is alive and well! He did have health problems but is now thankfully much better. He retired from school work and moved closer to High Park. He is back releasing pheasants again and having the odd shoot day and potter about with his dogs.

    As for Shooting Times I'm not sure what's happening and don't wish to pry. It's a shame as he was the best writer they had.



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    That's great !!! I did wonder I especially loved his piece on the passing of one of his dogs ,I even named one of my dogs after his merlin . Good news thanks for that .Cheers Tom

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