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Thread: Way overdue...

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    Way overdue...


    Thought it is about time I made an intro having been on the site for sometime.

    I live in mid-devon and am DSC1. I am also 1 cull off my Level 2. I also completed this year the Train to game NVQ in Game and wildlife management - Deer.

    I purchased a small acreage that has red passing through and some resident roe.

    I, as we all are, am looking to lease or help manage deer through a syndicate in the dartmoor area of okehampton.

    I have been using a .243 for sometime and am in the process of getting a 7mm-08 Ack Imp from aay of this site.

    Anyhow, it's not my fault but I work for the MetOffice!!

    I am an IT Professional and can offer any advise to anyone on this site.

    So, with further a do, Hello and hope you have a good christmas etc....


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    hi and welcom to the site whats the forcast for scotland for the next year fog rain fog rain snow rain im off roe stalking in the fog deer o deer all the best mate welcom to the site happy crimbo

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