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Thread: Binocs around the 200 mark.

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    Binocs around the 200 mark.

    Hi lads/ladies. I'm now happy with my rifle setup so next purchase will be binos.....I think. I don't have much in the fund yet but I will do my best to get about 200 saved up. What binos would you recommend around this price. I have looked through my mates Nikon monarch 8x mag bins and love them but they are 400. Uttings had the 12x ones up at 200 last week but the mags too big and I don't have the funds just yet.

    I have looked through some bushnell ones in the past and although they seem good quality I have to faff around before I can get a picture, which isn't ideal when stalking.

    I like one the idea of small compact bins about the 8x mag so is there anything worth looking through in my price range?
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    Minox you can't go wrong sportsman have them on sale at the moment

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    I tried the compact bino's for a while, but found they were ok for a quick view and progressed to 10x42 for a better view when stalking. The larger lens (42mm) improves the light pick up. Some people can't get on with 10x magnification due to shake, but I've been happy with mine. There seem to be plenty of offers at the moment, friends have just got a pair of Nikons and seem happy, my opticrons are great for the trips I've used them on as well as for bird watching/nature viewing. One of my local dealers was very keen on Leupold bino's (not surprising as he sells them, but he's been in the stalking game for years and is a good judge). Might be worth going to one of the outdoor shows/fairs to try a few.... then save up for some zeiss or swarovski's!

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    pentax. They are surprisingly very good indeed for the money!!! 8 or 10 x42 for around 200 quid. If I was on your budget and needed some good optics I would definitely go pentax. I used a pair for two seasons on the hill in the most appalling conditions and they never let me down, I dropped them during my first season and broke one of the twist mechanisms on the eyecups so from then on I just left the eyecups in the down position.
    From experience I would say the pentax are superior optically over the same priced minox too.

    I have had all the top end brands and used them extensively in the field so I talk from experience. I currently own and use zeiss vcitory HTs and have the zeiss dialyt now as my spare pair.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Surgemaster34 View Post
    Minox you can't go wrong sportsman have them on sale at the moment
    These look tidy. Minox BV 8x42 BR - Optics - Gun Shop, Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Air Rifles, Airguns, Gun Trader, Rifle Scopes, Accessories, Cabinets, Safes in Dorset and Devon, UK, Sportsman Gun Centre

    I might go to the shooting show in feb and we if I can look through a pair. I haven't looked through many so I don't really have much to compare them too. I know I struggle with bins in general. I've looked through loop, swaro ones in a shop once, bushnell, some random German ones that were my grandads and of course the nikons. The only ones I found easy enough to use were the Nikon and swaros.
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    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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    I have Minos bins and they are very clear and well built. Clear crisp image and I paid 200 for them.

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    nikon 'action' binos are very good for the money i have a pair of 8x40s they give me as good a view at dusk as my s&b scope ie i can see more with them than with the naked eye
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    Cheers. It gives me a few to look at. I like the look of minox but I will have to have a play.
    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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    Minox are very good quality for the money.

    I have a pair of Swarovski 10x25 which are smaller and more compact than a small compact thing in the classifieds for a shade more than your budget if you're interested.
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    Opticron. Far better than Minox

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