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Thread: anschutz .22 semi automatic model 525 rifle clip

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    anschutz .22 semi automatic model 525 rifle clip

    I wonder if anybody could advise me as to where I might be able to get the plastic end piece which slides on to the rifle clip for a Anschutz .22 semi automatic - model number 525. I know you can buy the whole clip but it costs around 40 to 50 and the rifle is only worth about 150. Lost it in long grass and have looked and looked but cannot find it.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Post a pic of the clip showing what you are after. I have a box of assorted mags off variuos .22 s you never know their may be one in there.


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    .22 Anschutz

    Herbert,I have a spare mag you can have for perhaps a small donation to the Help for Heroes charity? PM me your details if you are interested.PJ

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    Hi Ezzy

    I have got sorted now. Instead of having to purchase the whole magazine Dom Henry from got in touch with his suppliers and they are sending him a supply of 525 magazine base plates which will cost 9.95 which includes delivery. Dom really went the extra mile for me and I am very grateful to him as I did not want to pay out over 40. Thanks for your reply though it is much appreciated.


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    I am sorted now but if you have a spare magazine model 525 then I might be interested in purchasing it off you. were very helpful and sourced the base plate which is plastic and slides on to the end of the clip. Many thanks for your reply.

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