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Thread: Which scope rings

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    Which scope rings

    I have here a pair of swing off detachable rings with bases that look very much like EAW. But my mate has EAW rings and they are not the same.
    any ideas ???

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    Yes the rings look like EAW but those bases don't look like any I have seen,sorry dunno.

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    AKAH and Recknagel make similar mounts. Could be one of those? Don't know who imports Recknagel but Alan Rhone imports AKAH.

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    Thanks guys,
    have google imaged both Akah & Recknagel but nothing jumps out.
    they are well engineered steel construction.
    They have a push up type lever as opposed to a small knob as the EAW.
    cheers Steve

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    Kozap ?


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    Hi Neil,
    Kozap that's a new one for me, google imaged them,they look similar but still no cigar.
    not even sure what rifle they came off as the base where it locks on the action is about 1 mm lower than most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white van man View Post
    Hi Neil,
    Kozap that's a new one for me,
    I first came across them when looking for a set of CZ rings, Kozap are the maker of all the factory CZ rings.
    So they make a few different styles in some fitments.
    Last set I had was a set back mount for a Brno combi-gun in .222/ 12 bore


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    Still non the wiser any body else got any ideas ??.

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    what rifle did they come from? ie, what do they 'fit'?

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    Canadian made Apel copies
    very well made with IMO newer designed fixing for the bases

    nice rings...selling?

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