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Thread: any recomendations

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    any recomendations

    Hi guys, iv recently been granted a .243 on my license for fox control and eventually some deer shooting. I should have around 500 or so around the end of the month and im still unsure what gun to go for. Anyone got any recomendations? Thanks

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    A used Tikka 595 in good nick.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Only 500 what about the scope. I would spend that much on a scope minimum . You could try a second setup.Try Your local gun shop to see what they got. good luck woodfordfallow

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    weatherbys are good value for money and can get a good deal from sportsmans gun center got mine in 243 for 700 thats rifle. second hand t8 leopold rings an bases sling mod cover pull through .

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    Luckily I have got a half decent scope ready for me for when I get my rifle, I know 500 isnt alot at all for a rife but its all I can afford at the mo

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    Have a look at the ads here or a look on is worth a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigelg View Post
    Have a look at the ads here or a look on is worth a go.
    Im constantly looking between both this site and guntrader but was unsure what make to go for, thanks for the help tho

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    Here ya go..... Last gun you'll have to buy....

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    I'm in a similar position to you, I think if you have the scope, you may well find a decent deal on a rifle. I am looking at getting one of the Howa packages, but these are between 700 - 1k. It's hard to find a perfect fit with a limited budget. I am biding my time and not rushing in. Keep looking on GT, I did this when looking for my finnfire, I eventually did well with some patience

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