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Thread: Sure fire T20 torch

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    Sure fire T20 torch

    Evening all

    I have a T20 torch for sale it has the Red LED fitted and has a beam to about 120 runs off one 18650 battery and can be adjusted with a twist of the neck from a tight beam to a larger beam..

    looking for 40 Ono delivered to your door


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    Are they rechargable batterys? If so, does it come with charger? whats the life of the battery?

    Many thanks...

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    Hi Rich. Could you please confirm that this can be used alongside a digital nightvision device? If so, can I have first dibs please.


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    I will take this please. Pm me your payment details


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    sold pending payment..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Bain View Post
    To who?
    Ben - If you did`nt get this one, Google `Nite-Tek`, and look at Mark`s site. If you want a IR lamp for NV, then these are great. A gamekeeper friend who has a lot of seriously expensive NV kit showed me his T20 from Mark, and it is a sound piece of kit, with exceptional performance, and for MUCH less than some heavily advertised brands on the market. He really rates it aswell. I am now ordering one for me after using my friends, and additionally Nite-Tek can provide spares, different options and chargers etc. New, the units are 45.00 with a charger for 10.00.

    All the best.


    NB - I have no connection to Nite-Tec, just a very impressed customer, spreading the word.

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