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Thread: Pvs14 or Archer ??

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    Pvs14 or Archer ??

    Looking to buy one or other witch would be the better.?

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    I have had both, but I have still got the pvs. The archer is fantastic, and if it's the only nv you look through you'll be very happy. It's only when you compare it side by side with the pvs that you see what true gen3 is like. I would say the difference is like watching normal tv and then turning over to HD. I also found the archer to be a little bulky and heavy compared to the pvs. Obviously with the archer though you get the service and warranty, which is something you don't get with the pvs. I 'm sure you 'll be happy with either whatever you decide.

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    Thank you did you use them as a addon or just for spoting

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    Archer is rated up to 308 I think. Pvs can be used up to 223. Before buying see if you can get it repaired if it goes bang. I have nothing against the pvs but for the money if it goes wrong i want to be able to get it fixed.

    Archer is as robust as a robust thing could be. If you have the extra money for the pvs then look at an upgraded archer tube and compare the specs,
    Pvs is smaller and lighter. I can see 300 yards with the archer on the scope. I have never used a pvs in the field.
    I do find the archer works very well with the nightmaster.
    As you can guess I have an archer.
    Happy choosing
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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