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Thread: cwd with ian and jo

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    cwd with ian and jo

    well this morning set off at 4am to meet ian and jo for there cwd stalking to be there for 6.45 only to find when i left it was only an hour away then waking ian up at half 5 because i could,nt find the travelogde which i then found i was only about 200m away down the road any way after me messing around ian came out to meet me, a hello ect we set off early to be in the seat b4 light,
    so now in the seat ian along side we waited for day break pheasants cluking wrens keep catching my eye day light was with us but nothing was out any where in front of us,
    after half hour ian seen a deer dart past behind the seat throw the trees so decision was made to climb down and stalk the deer hoping to cut it off,
    but like any time im out things never go to plan ,
    no deer lol
    so ian said we would walk the edge of the tree line so off we went again had only been walking 5 mins when i spotted movement throw the trees pointed it to ian who had now got the sticks up , soon followed by me following the deer in my scope could not get a clean shoot because of the trees but could see a gap in front as it reached the gap ian whistled deer stoped 100grn 243 bullet off report back deer down but was a lot of jumping about back fwd ect ready to take another shot but movment stopped ian got to the deer first and from the look on his face some thin was not write as i got there wont repeat what he said lol could see the tusks stright away it was a cracking buck but now missing half its face feeling well and truley gutted tryed to work out what had happened,
    agreed with ian bullet had been sent of course my a branch, just enough to go high i only had the neck and bit of front leg in view throw the gap so the fact i got a head shot stunned me a bit at first.
    any way had a great day and my first chinese water deer so a big thanks to ian and jo
    pictures to follow when i work out how

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    Hi Lee,
    Nice one mate sometimes not all goes to plan but glad you had a result,Tone,,

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    nice one lee he should make a good medal , Did anyone else get one or was you the only one to shoot one .well done ian / jo Good heads like this only come from well managed ground .


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    well done m8 8)

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    Well done Lee

    Just wanted to add i also had a fantastic time with Ian and Jo as was there on the Saturday..

    Tom was accompanied by Ian and i set off with little Jo..

    I had a fantastic day .. Tom saw a couple but sadly werent giving themselves up to a shootable position

    In my case having been busted and with a narrow strip of open ground to take the shot i was to slow..

    Many thanks to Ian and Jo for a great day and for taking me round Woburn Park between stalks which i thoroughly enjoyed..

    Well done again Lee and many thanks Ian and Jo


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    thanks all
    and thank you terry i all so went round woburn which was some thin else so another thank you to ian and jo for that

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    Hi all just though i would update went to the taxidermest today (phill legget) to see what he could do with the head, after measuring it is a CIC gold which im over the moon about and he can also do a full shoulder mount as the damage to the face is not as bad as i thought so another big thankyou to ian and joe im sure i will never have the opportunity to shoot another gold medal for that price also regarding the shot to the head also found two holes either side of the neck so unfortunately it had turned its head at the last minute.


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    That is often the problem with trophy hunting
    what a lucky break, could of been much , much worse but pleased for you it wasn't
    nice Gold and still fortunate to get a mount out of it too
    should look good , Phill is good at his job
    well-done to Ian and Jo for giving you the oppurtunity too 8)

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    Hi Lee,

    Delighted that your Buck scored so well & really enjoyed our day together. One thing that really shocked me was that from forty yds we could NOT even see those tusks. I guess that is part of the fun of them Chineses!

    Now, for those who are accustomed to seeing CWD sat in the middle of fields, I should explain that the guys were enjoying stalking that could be kindly described as 'challenging'!

    The grounds were planted to woodland about 6 years ago, the trees now being at a height that conveniently obscures any direct vision. Can I add that the understorey is also the EXACT colour of a CWD in winter coat. Visibility is very limited, unless the deer are crossing a ride - something they only do when at least 200yds away from you!

    All in all, a fun couple days with like-minded folk.

    Guys, looking forward to seeing you again.


    Ian & Jo

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