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Thread: CZ452 .17hmr for sale

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    CZ452 .17hmr for sale

    Hi there, ive decide to change calibers, so my cz452 is up for sale, it has the 16'' varmint, screw cut 1/2unf(no mod) with a hawke nite 3-9 x50 lr scope.
    The round count is approx 400. any test fire is welcome.
    im looking for 300.00 f2f please
    (bid pod not included)
    many thanks

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    What are you changing too Simon?
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Im changing to a 204 ruger

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon1979 View Post
    Im changing to a 204 ruger

    Good choise.

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    Still for sale
    Price drop 260, scope now sold.
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    Bump to the top
    And price drop 240 for rifle only

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