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Thread: 30th Birthday ideas!

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    30th Birthday ideas!

    Well, the big day I officially become 'old' and 'past it' arrives in a few weeks! (Sorry to offend my elders before I have started this pointless thread!)

    My old dear asked me what I wanted, so.... It got me thinking, money no object (well in reason!) what would I want!

    I started sensibly and opted for a new pair of bins, the Swaro rangefinder ones at about 3k looked ideal, replace the cheap ones I have now!

    A new scope for the top of my Howa too - again, a Swaro 2.5-10x56 illuminated all-singing-all-dancing-but-still-only-rifle-scope at again around 2.5k should do!

    After reading Paddy's book a form of NV would be nice, so I plumed for an NFA75 or whatever they are to go on the new scope!

    And I need some wheels too, a shooting truck is long over due. I could not find a Range Rover Overfinch Holland and Holland - so I had to settle on the new Range Rover Overfinch Vogue - no price but I expect one could barter them down below the cost of a small 3 bedroom house up north, or a hundred K!

    See what the birthday equivalent of santa brings, but I will settle for a bottle of port or a new decent axe, something I can hand down to the kids!

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    I went hunting boar, was good fun

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    i went africa bowhunting, brilliant

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    I went downhill!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monarman View Post
    I went downhill!!

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    At your prime at thirty absolutely deadly ! And I dont mean with a rifle .
    Happy days .

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    I get married in May so I hope not too much in my 'prime'!

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    My 30th in 5 months , not really sure what to do yet .... May be a trip to Scotland or Ireland on the horizon
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Think I'd prefer something material to actually treasure and pass on, but not sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karlbird View Post
    Think I'd prefer something material to actually treasure and pass on, but not sure!
    Fair play mate I can't fault you for that , to be fair I've got enough gear for what I use ( not that I couldn't find a use for loads more lol ) so I think I may be better suited to a trip
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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