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    Hi there ,I am trying to track down any breeders of gsp with the line waidman in it ? It's along story but a very good friend of mine had one years ago from the waidman line and wondered if anybody knew if they are still about ?
    Many thanks
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    I can't answer regarding that particular line but if you are looking for a GSP let me know and I will give you the contact details of a friend of mine. She basically picks up full time through the grouse, partridge and pheasants as well as a lot of grouse counting up north in the summer. She works about 12 GSP's and they are outstanding workers with lovely temperaments. For all I know there could be the blood you are seeking in her dogs, but you would need to ask her.

    Get back to me if needed...

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    Try searching the kennel club site? Have u tried just googling it? If it was a decent line the FT handlers usually know who has wot lines and wots related so possibly just phoneing a few GSP breeders might help

    I've just signed up to that new mykc bol**ks and am amazed the stuff that comes up, recognised all the dogs i own, health tests of all litter brothers and sisters to my dogs. Actually worth signing up for, pleasantly surpirised.

    Mibee trying more gundog/hpr orientaed forum or contacting the GSP clubsee if they can give u any info

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    Thanks guys ,I think I will try kc as google has thrown up some leads but not there yet ,the breeder was Louise Petra hay who was one of the original gsp breeders in the country but that was some years ago !
    Many thanks

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    Yes i have one with Waidman lines. Not sure if the line is still going though.
    On a different note whenever I reply to a thread my key board disappears after each and every of the first 30 or so characters, very annoying. Any ideas?

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    Sorry not a clue about the technical side of this forum . Could I ask where you got your dog from ? What it is my best mate when he was a kid had a cracking dog from Louise Petra hay who I believe started the waidman line , they never got a replacement for him as his dad thought he could not be replaced ! He used to stalk and rough shoot with him , I am due to be his best man at his wedding this spring and his wife to be would like to get him a dog for his wedding present ,he is a stalker and shotgun shooter and is looking for a working dog . i as best man i have offered to find him one and thought it would be a good idea to try to track down this cracking line ! However it is proving more difficult than I thought , we obviously won't be choosing a puppy and bringing it out in a box ! Just the breeder and paying for it so he can choose when a litter is born etc !
    Many thanks if you could help

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    The only thing i would say is just (depending how long the waidman line has been not breeding) but if the waidman is 3 or more generations back in the pedigree it will have very little impact on the actual dog u get.

    If waidman bred a specific 'type' or size, characteristics, temperment or wot ever she breed her dogs for u would be better trying to find a modern breeder with similar philosphies and breeds a similar 'style/type' of GSP wether or not it has waidman in the lines or not.

    Say waidman was a smaller line of dogs u could very well have a waidman in the pedigree but the more recent generation have all been larger 'unlike' waidman type dogs so ur dog could be very different to the original ie far bigger than u would expect

    I take it he is quite keen for a GSP as a working dog, they can be hard work if this is his first time training a working dog, (don't want to start th e whole breed thing but a lab would also do everything needed but be easier to handle for a first timer, if he is a first timer) also the smooth/shorter haired varieties off hpr can be badly affected by cold for swimming, sitting in cold wet windy days.
    Like all breeds horses for courses, just got to pick wot will suit U or him best
    Basically just do ur homework and double/triple check with the groom a GSP is exactly wot he wants, may want another breed?

    IF he definately wants a GSP (or any other breed for that matter) i'd phone quite a few breeders/breed societies/ breed clubs or get along to training/trails and speak to hpr folk in general, its a very small world and most know each other and many may know the lines ur on about and could reccommend breeders with strong waidman lines or similar 'types' of dog to that line

    Good luck with it

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    I bred her myself and the Waidman is some way back in her pedigree, like gt, gt grandparents. There are a few good lines of GSP's around if that's the breed your friend really wants. I know who jamross is talking about and she is certainly worth talking too. She has had them for years and they are all good working dogs. Good luck in your search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vonoepen View Post
    On a different note whenever I reply to a thread my key board disappears after each and every of the first 30 or so characters, very annoying. Any ideas?
    Are you on an iPhone? Mine does that. I click 'go advanced' and it works.

    good luck with your GSPs
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