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Thread: VG's / VMax / BK

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    VG's / VMax / BK

    So I've got some 55grn VMax for my .223 however now I've got a 1in9 barrel. So I've looked at a few other options but could do with some reviews from people who have actually use them.

    Out of the Barnes Varmint Grenades, Sierra BlitzKing or Hornady VMax what perform well on Foxes? People say good things about BlitzKings and VMax, the Varmint Grenades get mixed reviews.
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    usd v max for many years in my 223! 50grainers- worked a treat on charlie! i have heard bk's work well too..
    currently using A max in my 243 & 22ppc, they seem to have a better bc & they are also doing the job on charlie

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    Don't forget the 53g Vmax, still light but a better BC, 52g Amax are fantastic on vermin with the added benefit of being able to be posted direct to you. I don't think you'll get away with 75g Amax with a 1:9 twist but if you can get a few give them a try, you might be lucky

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    I have tried VMax and AMax on foxes
    If really trying to justify I prefer the VMax, just seem less messy and they rarely exit, but there is very little in it

    but its hard to argue with cheaper ammo to your door! AMax for foxes until that changes

    Varmint grenades have a rep for poor accuracy and to be honest I have yet to see them in a shop!

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    got a 1:9 twist border on the ppc, still developing the load really but no trouble hitting crows & woodies out to 400yds with 75 amax so far.. like Akeld says give them a go...
    if you have a light rifle though I think i might stick to the 52's, you don't need loads of recoil.

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    always like the v-max on the foxes but for what its worth my old 1in9 twist rifle wouldnt shot anything below 60grains

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    timbeech, dont forget that if you are only using your 223 for vermin control you can use match bullets, i use both Berger match and varmint 55g bullets in my 22BR but they do a range of match bullet weights that would suit your barrel twist.


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