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Thread: c'mon then.. highlights of 2013?!

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    c'mon then.. highlights of 2013?!

    So im sat here, listening to the rain beat on the windows, looking through some pics from last year. I seem to remember doing a thread for 2012 so thought i would carry on the tradition...

    For me, well, shooting my first grouse was probably the best, in fact that day of being on a moor on a glorious day with friends and being given the gun for the last drive.

    Leading on from that, my first ever full driven grouse day. Better fun than i think any pheasant day ive ever had..

    Another great one was a weekend up in Wigtown with FordbankB&B. Lots of good laughs, too much drink and some good fun shooting.

    Getting a friend his first fallow was another one which i will remember for a while, if for nothing more than the follow up!

    Being lucky enough to shoot in the CZ Republic.

    And finally, getting rid of my house down south, buying one up here and sat here in front of a stove with a fully functioning gun room!

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    Looks like you had a good year old chap!

    Highlight of 2013 for me was 2359.59hrs on the 31st of December.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Looks like you had a good year old chap!

    Highlight of 2013 for me was 2359.59hrs on the 31st of December.
    That good? Hopefully 2014 will be better for you.

    For me, I shot my first deer on my own and gralloched it on my own with no help from anybody cos there was no one around to help me. I didn't do a very good job of the gralloch.
    and also this year I learned how to gralloch deer properly and not take forever.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    First hunt "across the pond". Expertly guided by Sikamalc to a perfect representative roe buck (he measures a solid Aluminum, by my estimation). I shall be back, that is for sure.

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    Lets see on the whole fairly positive but highlights have to be, shooting my first grouse walked up an unforgettable experience, securing another silver medal roe buck at the cla from the 2012 season, securing my secondment to the usa with work and moving there at the end of december with my family.

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    being in NZ to see my first grandchild,

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    @Cootmeurer.. Solid aluminium! haha, he certainly looks like a really nice representative. Do you have plans and shoot more on the UK species list now you've had a go at Roe..?

    @Taff.. Did you source any shooting out there? NZ is still at the top of the list for places i want to visit..

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    Same as me after the year i had!
    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Looks like you had a good year old chap!

    Highlight of 2013 for me was 2359.59hrs on the 31st of December.

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    If I stick to stalking-related matters, early 2013 was a series of highlights. It started in February when I shot my first deer with Sikamalc, after several unsuccessful attempts starting in 2012 both in his company and with others, including a really frustrating missed shot at a muntjac. In fact, I believe I shot the fallow pricket with the exact same rifle that appears in Cootmeurer's photo. What took a bit of lustre off that occasion was the fact that my first rifle, which I'd ordered in September 2012, was due to be delivered in time for that trip, but turned up the next week! Nevertheless, when it did turn up, it didn't disappoint, and in March a member of the SD invited me to "help" with his roe doe cull (I use inverted commas because let's be realistic here, he was just being nice to me!). On that occasion, I didn't distinguish myself as much as the rifle did, because my first shot at a deer with my own rifle resulted in not one, but two does dropping stone dead. As I had decided to squeeze the trigger, a doe behing the target one made a slight dash forward, just in time to catch the bullet exiting the first one's chest in the neck. As my generous host said, "take a picture of that because you're never going to see it again".

    A month after that, I successfully stalked my first muntjac in the bluebell woods courtesy of Willie_Gunn, a very different and heart-pumping stalk that I'm hoping to repeat in March. But then, my luck ran out. Subsequent attempts to add my first roe buck to 2013 tally came to nothing, apart from the fact that all experience chalked up comes in handy at some point. Besides, it wouldn't do to fall victim to hubris so early in my stalking career.

    Anyway, my first proper year of deerstalking ended with the arrival of Young Pine Marten, who has been the crowning glory of my 2013 (he turned over by himself for the first time yesterday, but he has yet to master keeping quiet during the night). I shall resume my deerstalking adventures in February with a trip at the CWD with Malc, a return to the woods after munties in March, I'll see about another attempt at roe bucks in July perhaps. But first, I have to make one last foray to the foreshore to shoot a duck this season, as I have brought back precisely no small game whatsoever so far, and indeed haven't fired a shot.

    Finally, I have now met quite a few people through this site, stalked with some, drunk with some, corresponded with all, and intend to carry on building a little network of people who share my passion, because they're thin on the ground to the point of invisibility in my usual circles.

    Happy 2014 everyone!

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    My year starts 1th April and ends 31st March too early for any summary

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