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Thread: Edgar Brothers, a public thanks

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    Edgar Brothers, a public thanks

    Edgar Brothers tend to get a bit of stick on this Forum, well Iíd like to tell you of a different story which has very much impressed me and restores my confidence in the industry supply chain as of late.

    Having lost the use of a key safety part to my old BRNO FOX, I spoke to my local RFD, who liaised with EBís. Left a message with the Armoury, and didnít hear back. Taking a proactive approach, I emailed EBís and explained that I would love to hear back from them if they could help, referring to the message left from my RFD.

    I promptly received an email From Derek Edgar, MD, apologising they could not track the message/order from my RFD, had checked their stock and since nothing is available, they will order the part from CZ USA as part of a bulk order next month, copy me in when received, and forward to my RFD where I can pick it up.

    So whilst there may be stories of XYZ out there, here is one where a challenge turned into a success where a the MD of the organisation took the reigns to help the end customer.

    Very refreshing and a public to Derek Edgar.


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    REUTERS: STOP PRESS!!! Good News Story on SD!!!

    I think post-Crimbo blues and the sh*tty weather is beating us all up, so it's nice to read something positive
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    Edgar's have always been helpful to me in the past, but funnily enough really bad at answering
    queries from my local gun shop, funny that Edgar's get the blame, and not the local shop isn't it
    But even so it's always nice to see a vote of thanks to a shooting business on any forum.


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    I had dealings with the Armoury over faulty .17hmr ammo and couldnt fault the service.

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    Also had issues with .17hmr, the guy in the Armoury, Dave Tomlinson - Great Guy and provided a superb service in clearing my barrel and returned it promptly! Threw in a few free rounds for my trouble!!
    Cant fault the service I got!!

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    Sorry to spoil things slightly with a negative reply but I emailed Edgar Brothers last Sunday with a question about a warranty matter on a Weaver scope belonging to the rifle club. I have yet to receive a reply and it's now the end of the working week. I would have at least expected some sort of acknowledgement even if they didn't have a full answer for me yet.
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    I have never yet had a reply to an e-mail from them, a phone call though seems to work fine.
    Not really how it should be, but certainly not unusual with any business.


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    Good to see that the MD isn't above working with the end user, ... but if it were my company, it certainly would not have got that far up the food chain before getting sorted.
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    I too had a problem with .17 HMR ammo a while back, I emailed Edgar Bro', there response was imediate and they arranged for replacement rounds plus several extras to be waiting at my RFD. Excellent service.

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