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Thread: leupold rings on weaver bases

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    leupold rings on weaver bases

    Does anyone know if Leupold QRW rings would fit on a set of Warne weaver style bases?

    It looks like they should?


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    From Leupold's own website :

    "Use Leupold PRW bases or any other Picatinny-style mount rails".

    If they are cut to Picatinny standards, they may not fit Weaver bases. The word "style" means it's a bit vague

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    Yeah - I looked there too, and thought it was just vague enough to cause concern.

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    Although it doesn't really help you, I know they will definitely fit Picatinny bases as I have a set of Leupold QRW's on my Blaser Picatinny rail.

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    In case anyone was interested, Leupold say yes.

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