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Thread: A very close shave ???

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    A very close shave ???

    Took this yesterday morning.
    with the new camera what makes this different is the deer ran for 2 km's and was still running.
    they went out of sight after maybe 1 k where we went back to the truck and drove to where we saw them disapear picking the 3 up again on seeing us the ran over the next horizon and made a large wood so going about 2k from strike.
    on returning home i disected the video frame by frame and though it looks a good shot remembering the client was 50m ahead and below me laid on the incline the shot must clip the sternum and not penetrate the cavity.
    I am quite sure now the deer will still be there in a day or two.
    What do you think.

    had the deer not been seen to run 2k i would have said the shot was perfect from where i was stood and the deers reaction.
    your views are welcome.

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    It is very hard to say, but I am revising my opinion. The initial reaction looks suspect for a chest shot - deer's head stays up as it runs off. I looked very carefully, it is possible the shot was a few inches too far back, it also does look low. It could be back below the liver. There was certainly no damage to either of the front legs. I am guessing at the angles slightly, but to me, if the shot had been on line but low for the heart, the off-side front leg should have been hit. The deer was quartering slightly.

    What calibre was the shooter using? It is possible this shot was very low and creased the flesh without hitting any bone. I would have thought that if you hit a bone in a Roe doe with any deer legal calibre, it would not travel 2K's.

    Hate it when stuff like this happens.

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    .243 100 win power point s/p.
    i know that even a bad shot the deer wouldn't go 2k at that speed.
    cut flesh i agree.

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    Were there any clues on the ground where the bullet struck, hair, blood etc?

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    No blood anywhere.
    there was cut hair
    i didn't go to the strike right away but went to the truck so i could keep the deer in view.
    so didn't have all the facts.

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    Did you get to see the hair so you could get an idea of which part of the deer it came from? Continental specialist dog trackers often keep a 'hair book' with examples from different locations in summer/winter coat, so they can compare with evidence from the shot site.

    Difficult to stop the hosted vid at the right point but it looks to me to be a crease under the chest - could some of the signs of strike be debris thrown up from the ground?

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    It was belly fur.
    also on my master copy on the editerI can go 1 frame at a time and the deer dose not react till the bullet has hit the ground there is no sign of a strike in the deers body.
    an interesting film though eh??

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    Looking at the footage I think I'd tend to agree. If it wasn't for the hair on the ground it could have been a clean miss going on the footage alone. What did the bullet strike sound like?

    Out of interest how did your client feel about the shot? Did they feel like they might have pulled it or were they confident about the shot?


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    Initial thoughts -

    1) Deer clearly spooked and aware during the stalk that the two of you are there - probably more aware of the camera man than the stalker.

    2) Difficult to tell the range - could he have taken the shot from position of camera man.

    3) In terms of the shot reaction - I would have said from the immediate reaction shot was a bit far back and possibly gut shot. She definately jumped to the shot, but normally with a good shot you get a bit of stagger at bullet impact, before they run.

    By the way she ran off, she didn't look to be hard hit, and by the what you say you could watch her for a couple of kms.

    If she was gut shot she could cover a lot of ground, but would have though she would have slowed up after a few hundred yards and looked for cover. Difficult to know whether she was hit or just a hair shae type shot with minimal damage.

    Roe are pretty terratorial and chances are they will be back in the same place quite soon.

    I have exactly the same thing happen to me once with a hind, it still bugs me to this day as I had a very solid rest etc - but it was a bit gusty, I was shooting down hill and can only think the wind took the bullet low.

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    seems like the roe felt the contact and reacted to a mixture of the that and the bullet hitting ground. The strike at worst is a nick and certainly wasn't fully in and out anywhere or she wouldn't have been able to cover the distance.

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