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Thread: Remington 700 stock

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    Remington 700 stock

    Hi all looking for an aftermarket synthetic stock for a Remington 700 sps SA standard barrel. Along the lines of HS precision, Bell and carlson etc not tackical though its for a stalking rifle. Cheers shaun
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    Contact twg1 on here I've just had a fantastic thumbhole laminate from him good to deal with and better than described well pleased .he may have something as he's trade .

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    Hs precision on eBay with 9 days left..

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    Hey i have a has precision rifle stock for a remmy sa if your interested, to be honest I'm not sure of an asking price but if your interested pm me

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    How about this ?



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    I have a McMillan sat doing nothing. I think it's a Sako style and has a Remington mag conversion and flush mag. If I recall (Im at work) it's sort of black and green marbled effect. There was one pictured for sale on here a few months ago.

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