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Thread: Training with a rimfire

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    Training with a rimfire

    Do you think its wrong or right to train different shooting positions with a rimfire? It makes no noise and I can do it on my land. I cant do that with my 270w AND the bullets are expensive. Atleast here in Denmark. I often hear people praise about how important it is to train with your rifle.

    So do you think its ok to train with a 22lr rimfire when your hunting rifle is a 270w?

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    All practice is good and using a .22 is a sensible way to overcome the limitations of using a fullbore that you outlined.
    There are some good articles on cross-training with a .22 on this site:

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    Its something a number of different training firms recommend. Its the position being practiced not the firing of the rifle and a 22LR is still effectively a full sized and weighted rifle. What you're aiming to do is to get the muscle groups to recognise and support the most stable positions in kneeling, sitting and standing - lots of good tips on other threads here. Once you are practiced and confident with the rimmie, you can then see how you're doing with a couple of shots with the full bore, perhaps at more traditionally recognised hunting distances to check your progress.
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    +1 to all practice is good - but you must practice "good" habits or you will gain nothing and end up with ingrained "bad" habits.
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    I have a CZ452 .22 which has almost exactly the same configuration as my 7mm-08 Steyr Mannlicher specifically for this reason, as you can see on the photo here:!

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    I would say practice with a rimfire or an air rifle in all shooting positions. Even shooting off the opposite shoulder than what you normally shoot from. However I would say before you intend to use your 270w have a few dry fires practices to get the feel of that particular weapon.

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    Okay thank you. I have zeored my 270w and shot 5 shots with it and its nice. Just wondered if its common to train with a cheap 22lr.

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    I do a bit of hunter field target, which is form of competetive air rifle shooting, its great for practice as it has the knockdown targets set up in various positions out to 45 yards (sometimes further for extreme comps) and some of the course builders get pretty inventive with they positioning of them which means you have to get into all sorts of shooting positions (within reason) I find it very good practice even though its obviously not centre fire ranges it definantly helps with position training.

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    any practise is good practise after all its still a rifle cheers..

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    I always struggled with a .22 judging distance especially in an open field at night with coloured light at small rabbits. 5 yards out and you have missed. If you have reference features such as fence posts or target shooting, you know the distances or have a good idea anyway, great! I personally shoot a .17 HMR. Sensible ranges out to 150 max and you have a good idea that hitting a target is not to tricky. However if the wind is more that 10 mph you will find that windage is a major issue. Either way rimefire is best practice, centrefire once you have the rimfire sussed!

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