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Thread: Professional bone saw.

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    Professional bone saw.

    Due to failing sight and cessation of stalking my 22 inch , stainless steel bone saw is for sale.
    This is a professional model made in the USA for J.A.McDonnel of Dublin. It has a large off-white handle and is ideal for all species from Reds downwards.
    30 plus postage.


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    Hi HWH,

    Do you have a photo, so many different designs and I cant find it on google.

    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    You have a PM Sir.

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    I have been in the workshop and found a spare blade, now it has one coarse and one fine.

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    Item sold to `deerhungry`subject to receipt of funds.


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    Thank you for your PM Sir.
    I have the saw and spare blade ready packed to despatch to you when your remittance and postal details arrive.
    As a New Year gift to you I have also enclosed my folding gralloching knife which has a small bone saw incorporated.

    Best regards, HWH.

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