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    Ballistics programme

    Hi all just a refresh on an old thread but can anyone recommend a decent ballistics programme for an iPhone?? There are quite a few to choose from at the minute and I have used the knights armament one before but wasn't taken with it

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    Shooter, Ballistics AE and Strelok seem to be the three most popular - I have experience with Shooter and Ballistics AE and both are good apps and up to the task. For me Shooter is the easiest to use and has given me good solutions out to 2000 yards (I shoot .338 / .50 BMG). I will be buying Bryan Litz's applied Ballistics App when it becomes available for iPhone.

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    Cheers for the info, was just reading a post on snipers hide about the applied ballistics app, sounds very good but they are really dragging out the development for i phone..

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    Yes they are, but I'm sure it'll be good when it comes. There is also a good thread on the various different apps in the equipment section on SH.

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    Yea?? I may look into that... I used the knights armament before and to be honest I wouldn't spend over 20 quid without it being a quality product

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