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Thread: Kahles ZF84

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    Kahles ZF84

    So folks...what am I bid?

    It's a Kahles ZF84 6X42 scope with a 26mm tube owned by me from new since 1987 and having done service on a competition rifle and then two stalking rifles. Optically, it is as good as the day it was made. Cosmetically, it bears scars; witness marks from rings and the odd scrape - that sort of thing and nothing dramatic, given its age. It wears B/C covers and currently sits on Hilver Tikka 55/65 series rings.

    The ZF84 was Kahles' NATO sniping scope and has a bullet drop compensator elevation turret calibrated for 7.62 (308) in 100-800 metre increments. The reticle is a spire point with thin horizontal line just above it. I found it a fast to acquire reticle that works really well in low light. The scope is, I believe, steel bodied. It is built like a tank.

    The scope can be seen and tried near J14 of the M4.

    Picture of reticle shows Mr pheasant at approximately 115 yds.


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    Hi Ian, you got a price on that?

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    Ian!!! Kevin.

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    Re: scope

    Quote Originally Posted by matt458
    Ian!!! Kevin.
    Let me post some pictures up today. You'll have a better idea of what, if anything, it might be worth to you.


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    Now with Pics

    Folks -

    Advert now has some pictures with it.


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    I have no idea what that is worth so I will start bidding at 40-00, I'm sure it is worth more.

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    e-bay comes to the Stalking Directory!

    Thanks, Matt. There's no time to run and I have no reserve. I'll just see what people think it's worth and sell to the highest bidder...or not if the highest bid is less than I'm happy with.

    This scope will most likely suit a stalker after Austrian quality at Japanese money.

    Forgot to mention - the reticle is a moving reticle - that is, when you wind the elevation/windage turrets, the reticle moves down/up/sidways in the scope picture. It was the way they did thing then. Also forgot to mention - Kahles will still service this scope and can change reticles. My last quote for a rebuild - ie disassemble, and rebuild existing A1 condition optics into refinished tube, re-gas and guarantee was E120.

    Also, bullet drop compensator turrets were available for calibres other than 7.62. Ask Kahles for details. The scope was also sold with fixed an integral STANAG rail underneath for direct fitment to some NATO rifles. This is the plain barrel version that requires conventional 26mm scope rings.


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    I had one with a reticule like that back in the sixties on a 7x57R and the cross hairs subtended at around five'o'clock
    In those days the glass and body was exceptionally good quality and the build was long lasting but the technology regarding reticules was way behind and relied on adjustable mounts, or mounts that were at least nearly spot on before any internal adjustment was needed.
    Still worth a bob or two for it's quality alone.

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    i'll go 60.00 since it's xmas!!!

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    After EmcCs posting, you're so big hearted! Tell you what, how about I just give it to you?

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