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Thread: Cheers JAYB

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    Cheers JAYB

    JAYB had a while ago invited me over to his bit for the day, I eventually have now got the time, so I arranged with him to pop over today.

    After the last few days of extreme frost and temps not getting above 0.5-1'C , I was prepaired for a cold one, last night the temp dropped well below 0 so I was expecting the same again today. To my surprise this morning, it was reasonably mild, all the frost that was there last night was gone and it was just damp, with slight drizzle.

    I set off from Inverness at about 0540 to get to JAYB's for 7am as arranged, easy enough to find, shake of the hand and a "Hello" and that was us ready to go.

    He drove us to a patch he has of about 250 Acres, thick plantations with good wide rides cutting through at 90' to each other. A brief on boundries and off I went. Plenty of Slots and droppings from Red, Sika and Roe, getting my hopes up of bagging a biggie, not worried about the carcass removal as JAYB had taken his Quad. Stalked around the wood for about an hour then climbed the high seat and got settled in. Having not seen a deer yet but not to be put off, up I went. Very good visability down 4 rides, comfie enough for it's purpose, I got settled in. Looking down 2 of the rides, I could see the weather closing in, the distant trees becoming a blur with the rain. I stayed in the seat for about an hour, again with no deer to be seen. Obviously they had more sense than me to be out in the open on the rides. I climbed down and stalked back to the car.

    Meeting up with JAYB again, he said he had maby seen the white of a deer, but it was that brief, he wasn't sure. Sheila, his lovely wife had put together a lunch (Well, Elevenses) for us, so we tucked in, chatting about the SD Stalking week earlier in the year, and general chit chat.

    I'd like to thank John for taking the time to get me out on one of his bits, thanks to Sheila for the elevenses and then trying to fill me up with either a bacon roll or stew, which I refused the kind offer, as I was full from the sarnies,crisps and chocolate already in my belly, but I did have a bit of cake .

    Thanks for the hospitality, very much appreciated. I wish you, All The Very Best for Christmas and 2010.



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    Can't refuse a bit of Sheila's cake Stu just wouldn't be the done thing, although if it had been cinnamon buns a certain member going by the name of Wadas would have been rather put out

    Sounded like you had a good day regardless of those deer you and Jayb put back on the catch and release scheme

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    Went to Perth to cheer 3 Scots return.

    Wondered if you were there?

    Welcome home, and well done.


    Nemo me impune lacessit

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    Glad to see you are getting a bit of R and R in mate.

    Catch up soon


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    you are more than welcome mate, shame about the deer taking to the deep of the wood for cover, never mind next time eh.

    At least we had the pleasure of winding up the legaleagle when he called, didn't we Rob. We should take him with us next time, that bugger always sees deer in that block, he is some sort of magnet I think that is the word


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    Hi Stu, sorry i didn`t get back to you with a pm in time mate.

    It goes without saying that jayb would have looked after you and tried his best to get you onto something. Never mind mate.

    John, I`m glad Sheila didn`t give Stu any of them cinamon buns, i don`t want you getting too many people addicted to em.


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    well said wadas they are moresome . i wonder if jayb has got any of them 17 tins of bitter left

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    i wonder if jayb has got any of them 17 tins of bitter left
    I'd forgotten about them! Classic.

    Sounds like you had a good experience TJ even if you weren't lucky enough to get a beast.


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    Not sure about the deer magnet myself either John might be magpie

    you are a sod winding me up like that over my new fishing rod
    bet you an TJ were howling with laughter

    If you get chance to get over again Stu go for it the place is full of deer we always seen them in fact me an Bob nearly got run over in the rush our traffick last time

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    i wonder if jayb has got any of them 17 tins of bitter left
    I kept the empty tins, only because Fester told me there was a fiver back on them. Was he telling me fibs

    Rob, I admit we were having a laugh at your expense


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