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Thread: 6.5mm nosler 120grain bt

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    6.5mm nosler 120grain bt

    hello there, im wanting to load 120grain nosler partition. in my 6.5x55, I have Remington brass, cci primers, but what is the best powder to use? and how do you find they are on fox, deer?

    cheers charlie

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    I use Nvhit 160 hole on hole with 120 grn bullet

    foxes and deer you won't be expecting any complaints, can knock em about a bit, I'm in the middle of using 120 and 156 SP. For fox and deer respectively

    i had a couple of deer with a bit of damage hence the change

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    Reloader 19 very good..C.

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    At the moment I am using Ramshot Magnum behind 120 Seirras the last deer was a Red Stag at 200yds it went about 5 yds

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    Attachment 36658I am running 120gr nbt on imr 4350,clover leaf groups at 100yds, rel 19 and n160 also shot well
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    H4350 with 120g bullets, N160 with 140g and Re22 with 156g bullets.

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    IMR 7828SSC. Never used better @ about 2800 fps. You can check the charge weight for yourself.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5x55 View Post
    120grain nosler partition
    The Nosler 6.5mm 120 grain bullet is a Ballistic Tip .

    Nosler makes 6.5mm Partitions in 100 , 125 and 140 grain offerings .

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    I found N150 better with 120 grn bullets and N160 with the 140 grn bullets

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    Reloader 19 good in in the Blaser

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