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Thread: SUFFOLK. FREE LABOUR. Shooting experience wanted in return.

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    SUFFOLK Shooting experience wanted in return for free labour.

    Free Labour.

    I am basically looking to get some experience within all forms of shooting. I would like to be involved with pest control, lamping, pigeon shooting, stalking, beating any form of shooting or shooting related outings. I would like and enjoy just tagging along with someone watching and learning. Keen and available most weekends even if you just want some free labour give me a shout. BASC insured , have a SGC and closed FAC with .243 and .17HMR. any information appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Can't find Newtown in Suffolk? Where are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Can't find Newtown in Suffolk? Where are you?
    There's a Newtown district in Thetford just over the border: is that where you are chap? My advice would be to go and offer to do a bit of brushing/beating on the farms around the town where you live although you're coming to the end of the season. Your FAC should demonstrate that Old Bill has judged you to be a fit and proper person which is always a good thing.

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    Newtown is in mid Wales Powys. Sorry. I am in the forces and work at RAF Honington. In between Bury st Edmunds and thetford. Just keen to help someone out and in return learn about the trade and hopefully get the chance to do some shooting also.

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    How did u get on offering free labour?? Any one give u a chance?? Trying to get in to stalking etc too and offering same idea, just wondered how it went for you?? Thanks for any info

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