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Thread: What to do with wet rifle?

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    What to do with wet rifle?

    I got home earlier from an unsuccessful tramp over the mountain in search of feral goats with my rifle absolutely sodden. Usually I wipe off the worst of the water and then stand the rifle in the corner of the kitchen by the rayburn (not too close to the heat though) for an hour or two, then clean and oil etc before returning to cabinet. However, on this occasion I had only come home briefly to drop off the rifle and change my togs as I had to go out again immediately. So I couldn't leave the rifle in the kitchen to dry, and had to put it in the cabinet wet. I don't suppose this is very good for it or any of the other guns in the cabinet.

    What do other folk do in this sort of situation?

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    Buy a stainless/synthetic and reduce your fears by 85%.
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Buy a stainless/synthetic and reduce your fears by 85%.
    Ha Ha!
    Perhaps I should have put: "What do other traditionalists do in this situation?"

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    there is a slip u can buy, looks like its got a sort of copper lining, however you can store a wet gun in there for months with no rust....cant recall the name so try google, if you have no luck drop me a pm and I will dig my one out and let u know the make, also stops the damp getting to the other guns. I keep it for just your issue

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    would be intested to if you can find this, as i have all wood stocks to.

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    mine are called sack -ups
    Sack - Ups 42 inch Gun Sock for Rifle / Shotgun Silicone Treated Made In USA

    The main reason we lock up our guns is to keep them safe and protected. The only problem is, more damage can be done to them when their locked up than when their out in the open.
    Safes provide the perfect environment for humidity and moisture, and this can create serious damaging effects to your guns in the form of rust. So how can we protect our guns from protecting our guns?
    This is exactly what our friends over at Sack-Ups were thinking when they developed the Gun Sock. Funny enough, it's exactly what it sounds like, a sock that goes over the barrel to wick away moisture and prevent rust.
    The socks are silicone treated to help wick away the moisture. The sock itself also prevents dings, scratches, and damage to your rifles as it acts as a case.
    These Gun Socks are made right here in the USA and will keep your firearm looking as new as it did that first day you bought it.
    Fits up to a 42 inch Rifle.

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    use a hair dryer

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    The best oil, in this case, is a water soluble oil, but if well seasoned and sealed a decent wood stock WILL NOT move or "creep" anyway. The worry are those parts that are metal against wood such as the sides of the receiver that are encased in the stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Buy a stainless/synthetic and reduce your fears by 85%.
    By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection, which is noblest;
    Second, by imitation, which is easiest;
    and third by experience, which is the bitterest

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    Find yourself one of the old single gun clam type locks, seal the bolt and magazine in a sealed bag with a spray of WD or similar, put
    them in the safe. The rifle you can leave in the lock till you return home to finish drying etc before reassembling it and putting it away properly.


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