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Thread: Yet More Praise For Swarovski

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    Yet More Praise For Swarovski

    Dropped my bino's on the kitchen floor the other night and wrecked both eye cups. I e-mailed Swaro customer services to ask where I could order replacements. I got a reply the following morning asking for my postal address and a free replacement pair dropped through the letter box yesterday.
    I'd just like to publicly thank Sara and anyone else at Swarovski customer services who helped get my bino's back on the road.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Spot on,glad to hear that ,I've got to get my el range back to them, got a small spot on lense not sure it's not on the inside as I cant clean it off, that's why I'm glad I went down the swaro road.

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    Just had my el's refurbished by Swarovski after several extremely hard years , they came back as new cost 200+ but worth every penny .When I had a problem with my scope it went back to factory , repaired , serviced in double quick time at no cost .This firm really DO customer service ..Great firm , great products

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