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Thread: Bds deer management course

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    Bds deer management course

    Hi all,
    Couple of questions really guys, firstly ive just signed up to do the deer management course with the BDS in April and wondered if anyone else was going on it ?

    Secondly. Does anyone who has completed the course have any advice on reading material to get my head into or any advice at all on the subject please ?

    I don't want this thead to turn into a who runs the best course or who is the best training provider please as ive made my choice and paid my money and it took a long and thoughtful time to decide who to use.
    kind regards

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    The reading list is exhaustive and yes it's all relevant, however I found not all prescribed reading material necessary to buy prior as there will be excellent course notes given to you that covers the content.

    you are there to learn and are not expected to know it all prior to arrival. I must admit I did do the 5 day course so I don't know how it's been truncated but definitely don't panic that you don't own all the 'for sale' reading material in the list given.

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    Thanks Prometheus.
    Having spoken with the lady in the training dept. She told me it was the park visit and the shoot test that had been emitted from the course to enable it to be only three days so hopefully all the classroom educational stuff will be the same.

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    I did the last course run in 2013. They cover everything you get tested on in the lectures. The only book I had read pre course was "deer managment in the UK" by Dominic Griffith and found this helpful. That said the instructors do cover everything well and give you a large folder folder covering the course contents. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the input its much appreciated.

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    I did the course a couple of years ago at Elveden.

    As Jim says, certainly Dominic Griffith's book is worth reading as a fair bit of the course covers cull planning models for both fallow and roe.

    It would also be worth familiarising yourself with the Best Practice Guides (e.g. aging deer, HACCP principals, etc). I would also suggest that a copy of Deer Law & Liabilities (Deer: Law and Liabilities: Charlie Parkes, John Thornley: Books) might be useful, not that there are lots of legal questions but it's a good reference book to have at hand.

    BDS should send you a suggested pre-course reading list but don't rush out and buy every title. I am sure some kind folk on here will have copies they might be willing to lend.

    Most of all, enjoy the course.

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    Thanks for the reply willie gunn it much appreciated, I looked at the list on thee bds website but to buy them all would cost a fortune so a reply such as yours and the one from jim both advising the same book "now ordered" is exactly what I needed to hear so thanks.

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    Hi guys. Just thought I'd give this a nudge and see if anyone else going to be there ?

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