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Thread: Best bullet for 270 win

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    Best bullet for 270 win

    Hi just bought a styer mannlicher 270 Winchester pro hunter, just wondered if a anyone had advise on what bullet to use I e make , and weight . It's for all breeds of deer, might even go down the home load road?

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    I really liked Hornadys 130 gr SST bullet, always worked very well with great stopping power. 110 gr v-max is worth a look too.

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    I use Hornady 140gr boat-tail softpoints: I like to pretend my .270 is a 7x64.

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    I have shot hundreds of deer of various species with Speer 130 gr and Hornady 140 grainers with no complaint from my game dealer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    I use Hornady 140gr boat-tail softpoints: I like to pretend my .270 is a 7x64.
    This is the correct answer, on both points.

    The 270 really shines with a 140 gr bullet, I don't get this light bullet crap.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Norma 130 grain SP factory or Nosler 130 grain Accubond in my homeloads. Both seem to do the trick very well.

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    130gr for me
    unless the 140-150gr are pushed very hard there is no advantage in energy delivery or ballistics over a well made soft point
    130gr also comes in more flavours

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    Only used 150gr in my Browning A-Bolt and had no complaints yet

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    I'm using Norma 130gr soft points for deer and Norma 110gr V Max for foxes. Both factory loads.

    Can't say that they're the best, but they work for me and my rifle.

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    I've owned several 270 WIN's over the years and presently have one . Also have a 270 Weatherby and had a 270 WSM . In all three cartridges all I have ever used were 130 grain bullets . Be it a Nosler 130 BT , a Nosler 130 Partition , a Hornady 130 SST , a Barnes 130 TSX or a Combined Technology 130 Ballistic Silvertip . Oh yeah I also used Sierra 130's a few times . In those three cartridges the bullets I mentioned did an excellent job on all the whitetail deer I fired them at .

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