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Thread: Tikka super varmint stock for .204 or after market W.H.Y ? B & C ...

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    Tikka super varmint stock for .204 or after market W.H.Y ? B & C ...

    cash waiting for right example and condtion


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    Why not get a boyds lam form the US . 140 all in posted to the door

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    Hi, yes i have considered and may go down that route later (but i appreciate the heads up regardless) just seeing what's out there as i know my garage has had a little clear out and i know there must be some in bubble wrap just gathering dust! ATVB - Gary

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    I'm sure you'll have already seen this Gary but if not - Tikka Varmint .204 in a GRS SV stock 517 from Jackson Rifles

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    tongue pops out of mouth *sigh*

    thats lovely

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    Hi are you still looking for a stock for your Tikka? I have a PSE carbon stock surplus to requirements.

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    I have a super varmint stock from .223
    pm me if you are interested


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    I have mcmillan fiberglass

    thumbhole 525

    A3-5 adj 660

    sako varmint 425


    Example of a tikka t3 varmint in a McMillan A3-5adj

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