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Thread: A question of etiquite

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    A question of etiquite

    This year beaters day for me lands on a saturday so i hope to attend.I only beat saturdays due to working full time. I hope to shoot on the day and the routine is i believe shoot two drives and beat the other two. Im really excited to shoot at some of the high birds that ive watched others tackle during the season. I understand the concept that beaters day is a reward/bonus for a hard seasons work but my question is,do i if ive had a great days shooting do i tip the keeper ???...might be a silly question but im not sure...Hugh.

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    I would never have expected any sort of tip on a beaters day.As you have said it is a small thank you for the work the beaters have put in over the shooting season.

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    Certainly not up here at least. You've helped him all season, its your part payment in return.

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    no need to tip on beaters day just enjoy yourself ,atb. doug..

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    Thank you all. Ive not done this before so thought it best to ask to save any embaressment etc Thanks again....Hugh.

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    As the others said, Hugh - it's a reward for all your help! Good question though, and I completely understand why you asked it.

    Has the estate dried out at all yet? Most of the land is still sodden down here...

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    Take a bottle of something to share though!

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    Yes fangler i intend to do that mate lol...for afterwards of course... Paddy... no mate the ground is totally sodden. I wear german para boots and gortex leggings when beating and yesterday i was lagged up to my knees with mud. I use a staff to help keep my balance on the steep sides of the goyles and if you slip you slide on the mud all the way down lol (not)....Hugh.

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    As a fulltime keeper i domt expect to receive tips from my beater although some do , they are appreciated same goes to guests for the same day

    its my way of saying a big thanks to those that have helped durinfg the previous year
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    worst thisng im my eyes that can happen is that some body goes round with a hat , its an akward situation as some people feel oblicated to tip and those that were going to tip like to be personal about it
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