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Thread: 38 Spl brass cases

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    38 Spl brass cases

    I have been sorting out my 'man cave' and have found stashes of 38 Spl cases all over the place.
    I have sorted the nickel from the brass and realised I have far too many for my own use.
    As a result I have once and twice fired brass mixed up for sale (I am keeping the nickel ones) at a generous 2 per generous 100 (ie a few extras thrown in) all plus postage.
    This will suit you underlever rifle shooters who like to practice a bit on the range.

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    Hi - I know it's an ask but I'm on the look out for Lapua 38sp brass to trim down to suit 360 No.5 - the Lapua brass stands up better than the others which have a tendency to buckle when trimmed down as they're too soft.

    Fingers crossed you might have some... ???


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    Hello there,
    If you still have any I'll take any .38 special brass you have. I'd be more than happy to pay your price + postage. You can pm me .

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