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Thread: Favourite factory loads for Browning X-bolt .243

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    Favourite factory loads for Browning X-bolt .243

    Hi Everyone,
    Im picking up my new Browning X-bolt 243 on Friday (christmas has come early for me ) and was wondering if anyone could suggest a good factory load or 3. Am planning on buying 3 boxes of 100gr factory ammo to sight-in/run-in/test-out. Prefer to shoot heavier loads as I plan to use this as my all-rounder. Thanks for your help guys. 8)



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    try 85grain hollow point federal,tends to suite 243 better than chucking a big 100 out of it.
    just buy a box of cheep ammo to to run the barrel in then try your good factory

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    My mate shoots Remmy 95gn ballistics through his and accounts for a lot of deer

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    deffinatly reach for the norma 100gn soft points , i watched a mate zero his new rem 700 in 4 shots on sunday with them , slow but VERY accurate

    cheers lee

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    Remington 100gr core lock never us anything else from my rem 700.
    Have shot foxes to red stags no probs.


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    Thanks for the replys guys but was kind of hoping for some recomendations from someone whose currently already using an X-bolt or at very least a A-bolt in .243. In my experience different loads shoot differently out out of different makers rifles.Should have been a little bit clearer in my original message sorry. Thanks again anyway.



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    x bolt

    Hi Kiwi,I picked my .223 & .243 x bolts up last tue,still experimenting but ive just put some federal 100g sp through the .243 & produced a nice 1" group.Let me know how your getting on,good luck

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    I have found 90g sako gameheads are as good as you are going to get through my .243 A -Bolt.
    I usually home load but havent got around to loading any .243 yet (to many rifles).
    I can expect to cloverleaf with them at 100 yards which is probably as good as you are going to get with factory loads and they have no problem knocking beasts down clean.
    I prefer a lighter load like these in a .243 as it is what it was designed for.


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    Winchester 95gr ballistic tips (silvertip) you wont go far wrong.

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    Thanks Guys Got my rifle on friday fitted with Viper Evo 8 moderator from swillington shooting supplies who have been an absolute pleasure to deal with by the way. Set it up with Meopta Artemis 2000 3-12x50 and when i went to buy some bullets they only had Remy 80gr so grabbed a packet and had a crack.
    The results were outstanding wasnt far off zero from offset which always helps was in abit of a hurry up to my balls in snow! After abit of mucking round with the first eight shots I went for a 5 shot group test and was elated to see it was bang on an inch with 3 touching and 1 in the same hole at 100 metres. Very impressed and the New Viper evo 8 moderator I believe to be one the best on the market very quiet lighter than a T8 and cleanable.
    Had a great weekend all up shot 2 roe and 2 foxes in the snow what a christmas! Thanks again for your replies and Merry Christmas to all.

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