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Thread: Stalking back packs?.......

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    Stalking back packs?.......

    I have been thinking about stepping into the world of deer stalking for a couple of years now. As it happens my christmas present from my girlfriend is a week's ho;iday away in scotland with a days hind stalking with a company offering paid stalking. (Yes she is a keeper !!) I have also signed up for DSC1 in a few weeks. The stalking day requires a day pack of appropriate size to carry packed lunch and spare clothing for the day. What I am asking is can anyone recommend a good starter back pack or similar, big enough for what I need to carry? Sorry if this is threaded elsewhere but I couldn't find anything specific.

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    I rarely use this unless i am out all day, but in the states it was invaluable, not sure if you can buy similar in the UK

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    May be worth a look? an "Allen Summit Day Pack" without the hydration bladder.

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    I use my roe sack, expands as you put stuff in
    ideal for a lunch, spare sweater,
    waterproof, rope,knife etc
    use it as a rifle rest,
    big enough for a roe deer later on

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Food and a change of clothing suggests more than a fanny pack especially if you factor in the addition of the all-important camera and spare ammo etc.

    Therefore any narrow 35ltr rucksack of subdued colour with not too much clutter or width in the shoulder straps will do just fine.


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    here ya go.....

    All you'll need... Room for food, water, clean socks and underwear in the pockets and your GF in the pack itself..... Enjoy your hunt.....

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    Gourdon 20 has been designed for an infinite number of uses - Alpkit

    Essentially a "dry bag" with ruck sack straps, so 100% waterproof.
    Perfect size and comes in green too!

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