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Thread: Sako 75 in a Mací thumbhole Stock.

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    Sako 75 in a Mací thumbhole Stock.

    I have always wanted a thumbhole stock for my Sako 75, although there are several possibilities for a laminated ones I wanted a synthetic, the one I really like was the McMillan Lazzeroni. However this stock does not come inletted for a Sako 75.

    In the small ads on here there was a ad by Sidesy for a thumbhole stock for a long action Remington 700 make unknown. The price was reasonable and if I ended up scrapping it trying to make it fit the Sako it wouldnít havebeen the end of the world. Sidesy though the stock was a HS Precision. After viewing the various web sites of different stocks I think it is a Mac Lazzeroni after all, irrespective to its original make I like it, and it felt very stiff.

    As the Remmy action is round but the Sako is flat bottomed so I needed to mill out the stock for this, also the front mounting bolt was half a hole out if I indexed off the rear one. The Remmy action is shallower than the Sako one also.

    To mill the stock to accept the Sako action I used a woodworking router, this can be set for the depth you require and then rested it on the top of the stock. I milled the action 3mm oversize to give me a good amount of bedding compound between the action and stock.

    Next on the lathe I turned up two pillars, I made the rear one a top hat style so the rear of the action rests directly on the pillar. The front one was slotted so that the recoil lug butts up to the pillar. These we both 14mm in diameter. I then bedded the action and glued the pillars in in one operation. I sat the action as low as I could but still allowing the bolt to be removed. I used Loctite Hysol plastic metal, it might not be the best to work with as it is quick setting and not too fluid even when warmed up, but it is hard once sets and it is what I had to hand.

    Pillars fitted to the action.

    Next I had to fit the floor plate, however this sat proud of the stock slightly so I built up the bottom of the stock with more Hysol until it blended in with the rest of the stock. On the right side of the stock there is a cut out for the ejection port of a 700, this is not need with a Sako so this was filled, it is purely cosmetic but nice to try and get it to look right. On the left side of the action I had to remove some material to allow access to the bolt release. Finally I added some bedding compound around the barrel as the profile of my barrel was slight smaller than the original. The barrel was still allowed to free float of cause. I opened up the slot for the bolt very slightly and took some material from the stock were your trigger finger wraps round.

    The left side of the stock modded for the bolt release and the bottom built up for the floor plate.

    Ejection port filled and stock releived for trigger finger.

    Finished and action fitted.

    I have for the minute just given the stock a spray with black paint while I work out exactly what I have it finished in by Jager sporting arms with Dura-coat. Any suggestions?

    In the end it was quite a bit of work but it is the stock I have wanted for my Sako so I am happy, also it proves that LA 700 stocks can be made to fit Sako 75 actions.


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    An excellent write up and well done. I look forward to seeing it in its final colours. Thumbholes are the way to go.

    Best regards


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    Cracking job pal.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Well I thought I best put a couple of photos of the finished item, I let James at Jager Sporting arms have a free hand with the stock he came up with a 5 colour cammo patten which I have to say really blends in with the back ground and finished off the stock a treat,

    It is quite a bit of work involved as it is not one colour, if you fancy a stock finishing in something simlar you will be looking at £145.

    He did a great job and delivered it back to me for the start of the red stag session, although I could only find a small 6 pointer buck on it first outting.

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    well done thar.

    is this stock the one you can use both left and right handed ?

    i really fancy a stock with a pistol grip type thumb hole/ or even just a pistol grip type as i can shoot as well with either eye and do so when hunting/vermin control etc.

    second question is if this is a left/right stock if you know what i mean it must have NO palm swell at all making the pistol grip.

    thank you and well done.

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    Well done Kev,
    that kind of work is not for the fainthearted. Just soaks up man hours. We do one or two similar conversions every week and wehave turned down many who wanted a conversions as it mostly doesn't pay.

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    Hi Bob

    The Macmillian Lazzeroni is strictly right handed or left handed, you would struggle to use it comfortably from the “wrong” shoulder.

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    Cracking job thar and nice write up

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    I can understand that Edi, it is the small details that soak up the time, the differences in bolt releases and depth of action ect, hope my write up gives a good representation of what is involved for others thinking along similar lines.

    Thanks Jimmy.

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    I bet you didn't even bother to stop to pull the trigger

    I have only just noticed the picatinny adapters for the scope rings. Who produces them? They are very neat.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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