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Thread: Slots in upland forestry

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    Slots in upland forestry

    Would anybody be able to estimate how long slots remain visible for in the spongey moss and grass sward typically found on rides in commercial forestry? I am referring to the depressions in the short vegatation and not slots cut into bare earth.



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    If the weather has been dry or frosty + dry, it can be ages - by that I mean 3 or 4 weeks or as long as the dry spell continues.
    Only way you can find out is to make some depressions yourself with a stick and date the time you make them, note the weather during the time before your next visit. It's going to vary a huge amount .

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    this time of year it could be months untill the vegetation starts to grow enough to push the slots out because they become cut into it and not just flatten it
    why are you seeing lots of fresh slots

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    why are you seeing lots of fresh slots
    Well there were lots of slots, I do not know if they were all fresh or not but they looked like it. Either there are 8000 Red on the place or 1 which runs around alot

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    Sounds like you are going to busy Rich.
    Hows it going mate


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