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Thread: firearms officer visit

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    firearms officer visit

    having arranged a visit for next monday with the FAC officer his initiall response was"your going for a .243 for deeer stalking,big gun for a starter"
    i was under the impression that as long as i have a genuine reason for accuiring the gun i can get the fac.
    should i be worried about the visit, or contact basc for help.
    it is my firt application for a FAC.
    i don't want to teach someone to suck eggs and say well theres sika and red on the ground i've got in scotland so anything else is a waste of time.

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    Hi Gelert
    I shoot Sika in the Scotish Borders and I shoot all my Sika with either a 270 or a 3006 because you realy want to put them on the floor or you need a good dog to find them.
    The FC lads use 270. But you are in North Wales, and the firearms dept there are as bad as Cheshire in making up there own rules.
    THe firearms officer there probably does not know the minimum size of bullet for Sika and reds in Scotland is 100gr and 243 is probably the most common caliber to shoot that size bullet.

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    Re: firearms officer visit

    Quote Originally Posted by gelert
    his initiall response was"your going for a .243 for deeer stalking,big gun for a starter"
    And which smaller calibre would he recommend that would still comply with the requirements of the Deer Act for reds/sika?

    Which constabulary are you under?

    My advice would be to get your 'good reason' in place and justified in your own mind and then politely but firmly stick with what you want - and don't be swayed by what he might 'think' you need.

    Check the 'Legal Issues' section of the forum and you should find most potential issues covered - including my own recent adventures in Bizarro Fireams Department world

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    north wales police.
    the previous "prevention" officer asked my friend if he knew
    a police officer as a refeee,which he said yes i know dci joe bloggs he's my brother in law,
    upon my z friend phoning the chief firearms officer the note on his voice said the lot when he explained what the indiot had done.
    "o we do ask from time to time"********.

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    I thought that North Wales had got a little better since the previous incumbent left the job over some alleged problems with ammo that he was in possession of and his legal right to possess it!!

    Amongst the gems that that gentlemen passed on to me was a) all deer are shot inside fences, b) wild boar don't need controlling, c) the Home Office guidelines don't refer to boar, and d) the Chief doesn't want to be a groundbreaker on this, all those being valid reasons in his view for refusing to add boar to a .270 that I already had.

    What made this more laughable was he had allowed me an increase in .270 ammo so that I could hold some heavier rounds for boar in addition to my existing stock for deer.

    I understood that his replacement was a little better but apparently not. With BASC being located in North Wales territory you would have thought that they would have got them sorted out by now.

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    You shouldn't be worried about the visit... I was and it all turned out ok in the end. Remember, the FEO is an enquiry officer he may not even be plod so don't be affraid of him. Be confident and make him see that you are in the know but without coming across as a know it all, ask questions too, they like that.
    If you have .243 in mind, use the argument that you want a 'one for all' calibre that's legal for deer and can also be used for lesser species.

    If you have deer on your permission then that's good reason enough.

    Good luck

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    cheers every one,
    when my mate applied ang got the stupid idiot he phoned che firearms officer who was a gentleman,but he also phoned basc first and they helped

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    my firearms chap called to see me today,up for renewal next he really is a nice fella but he has to stick to what he is told.i asked if i could have boar put on my ticket incase one of these days i get the chance to try for one,he said unless i have a contact who he can speak to to say they have boar on there land i cant have that.also i can have a .243 for deer and use it for fox day or night but the .308 only when stalking .they do work in strange ways

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    ....but the .308 only when stalking .they do work in strange ways
    What is the penalty if you shoot a fox with your .308?

    ...and has anyone actually ever been prosecuted for it?

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    Sorry to hijack your post gelert, but Andy, did you explore the possibility of this new clause that seems to be being banded about... something along the lines of "all other legal species"?


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