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Thread: .243 variation

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    .243 variation

    Firstly i hope I have this in the right place, if not mods feel free to move.

    So, I have just been told I can have a .243 I am new to stalking and will be using this for foxes and deer.
    What would be your choice setup if money was not the prime consideration and what do you have?

    Lastly does anyone have a full rig on offer?

    Many thanks.

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    i had this very same question , when i went for a .243. i ended up getting a howa. i have another howa so i knew that i liked the rifle and went for the stainless, in a sporter barrel. trigger is adjustable and for the money it does all that i want and more. i too was thinking what to get and money was not a problem,,,, but i still went with the howa. but i ended up changing the stock for a laminated tactical stock.
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    I have a Sako 75 S/S .243 with a T8 moderator and Swarovski Z6i scope and wouldnt swap it for anything,have same set up in .308 too.......

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    Keep an eye on the classifieds Firearms section of the forum, always .243 popping up for sale.

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    Exquisite taste Martin! Sako 85/75 and Swarovski Z6i.

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    I too have a Howa, shoots well however the Hogue stock seems to be rather flexible/soft, no problems so far though. Swaro 8x56 on top at the moment.

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    how much are you wanting to spend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A J View Post
    Exquisite taste Martin! Sako 85/75 and Swarovski Z6i.

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    I have a RWS Titan stainless synthetic, brilliant rifle shoots one on top of the other.

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    I have a Tika T3 and a Swaro Z6i, when I do my bit with my home loads I can clover leafat 100 yds. I do need to do my bit though.

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