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Thread: Deer Butchery course Duchy college

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    Deer Butchery course Duchy college

    Off to do one tomorrow in Callington with Duchy college. Wish me luck, Will post up a summary on completion for you to read

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    Delayed reply so my apologies, very good course and I enjoyed it very much. A red deer was provided fresh from a local deer farm for the course and arrived no more than 30 minutes from the trigger being pulled. (.308 Cal Headshot) Then we witnessed it hung and gralloched with an interesting fact about the size of the heart depending on if it was spooked or not when shot. Heart & lungs we then cooked as a mid morning snack and the carcass was taken away to the freezer. At this point it was exchanged with one shot the week before that had been hanging. We then butchered it saving all the best cuts the rest was put aside and we made sausages and burgers, again some of the sausages were cooked for us as the day progressed and the learning curve was great for me. Very good to see a deer arrive from the trigger being pulled and next we have a large pile of steaks and fillets etc and a huge amount of sausages and burgers. Very highly recommended, I have some Youtube footage I compressed down to show the highlights I will provide a link to when I get home from work tomorrow. If you get a chance I would highly recommend attending one if it sounds of interest. Tris

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    *Heart & Liver* We then cooked. Unable to edit the above from work due to the browser age. haha apologies.

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