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Thread: Clear out - large number of shooting mags

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    Clear out - large number of shooting mags

    I'm doing a clear out and have a largish stack of shooting/countryside mags - 'The Field', Shooting Times' mostly from 2001 onwards. I don't want to just recycle them so does anyone have an idea on how to dispose of them? Preferably for cash, though they won't be worth much.

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    I tend to drop them in doctors surgerys or anywhere there is communal reading matter as shooting stuff is usually thin on the ground............
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Haha. I wonder how many doctors, dentists and the like will be happy to see shooting magazines alongside What Car and Woman's Weekly in their waiting rooms. Maybe take the patients' minds off what's coming...

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    I take mine to an old folks home, one elderly gentleman, now in his mid 90's who shot for many years gets all of my old shooting mags, he love's to read them and looks forward to me bringing him a new selection every couple of weeks, I enjoy listening to his shooting tale's,and well I enjoy having a chat with him... If it wasnt for him I doubt I would buy them anymore, but I will continue as long as my elderly friend is about to enjoy them.

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