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Thread: "The Sporting Rifle" by Robin Marshall-Ball

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    "The Sporting Rifle" by Robin Marshall-Ball

    Hello everyone.

    I have a copy of Robin Marshall-Ball's "The Sporting Rifle - A user's handbook" (4th Edition) that is surplus to requirements. It was very useful when I was researching buying my first rifle, but I'm past that now. Following my recent successful DVD swapping exercise, I thought I'd see whether anyone's interested in bartering for this. What unwanted hunting books are taking up space on your shelves?

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    Thanks for the offer but it's been snapped-up by someone who must be a Robin Marshall-Ball completist...

    No it hasn't we had a misunderstanding on the nature of the medium. So "The Sporting Rifle" (which is a book, not a DVD or a play...) is back out there for anyone who wants to swap.
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    Hello again.

    This is still gathering dust on my shelf in anyone's interested. Particularly useful for new or aspiring shots, and ones who can't get enough "what's the best calibre" discussions.

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