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Thread: Only in America

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    Don't think Cheshire would go for it!

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    We carry rifles in racks in the rear window of our pickup trucks when we go for groceries... I don 't see the problem with packing heat while you sleep!! ~Muir

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    God i must get one
    without having to move to much
    i could shoot Mrs JJ's knees off
    every time she wakes me up
    as she goes for a pee in the night
    that would teach her

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    Eeeeeeek! Domestic Violence!!!
    (And you call us Colonists unruly!) ~Muir

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    On reflection, I think there may already be one in use in Devon, somewheres in IanF's territory, one of his neighbours, a nice chap, does his best not to scorch the duvet when defending his very pretty garden from the nasty inconsiderate deer

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