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Thread: Stalking in the Midlands

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    Stalking in the Midlands

    Hi All

    Does anyone know or offer stalking in the Midlands? Me and a friend are getting in to stalking (both been shooting a while) we have both done one stalk which was great and are now looking for more.

    I have contacted a few off here but trying to see if there is anything local. Were both based in Nottingham.

    I currently have a .308 on my ticket and will be buying one shortly but need to book another stalk to alow me to have deer added to my FAC (My friend will need an estate rifle as currenly only holds a SGC)

    We are both meat / food hunters not trophie hunters so really after cull animals with the option of buying the carcass (muntjac, Roe etc) and hopfuly all at working men prices.

    Many thanks

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    Carlton moor at Ashbourne is good mate he is on here. Never been stalking with him but did my level one there great chap. Spoke to people that have and they couldn't fault him

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    Definitely give Mike a call at Calton moor, it's not far for you at Ashbourne and Mike can take the two of you and supply estate rifle.

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for that, Mike is the guy we did our first stalk with. Good guy and no dought will be back just looking for other options as i know Mike does not have much Munjac / Roe's on his land etc (or at least many of them)


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    Prometheus on the site has roe to offer. Nice ground give him a Pm. Good bloke as well.

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    try john robson at yorkshire deer stalking of this site he is a top man has plenty of good land and lots of roe and is a true countryman with lots of expernce to pass on to some one new to stalking. happy hunting h

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    Try farrington ds, going on a cull weeks with him next sat so shall let you knkw how it goes and if I can recommend , I have stalking on 3000 acres in midlands but unfortunatly cannot take anyone out with me I would love to but I just can't as it was part of the agreement I made

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    Ian Farrington is a good provider and not mega expensive but not sure if he has land in the Midlands.

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