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Thread: Hello Folks

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    Hello Folks

    A hunting friend has just told me about this site. I am a stalker (deer) and located in Staffordshire, though I mostly stalk in Aberdeenshire. I also hunt boar in Germany and plains game in South Africa (I represent an outfitter in the Eastern Cape). If anyone needs a DMQ AW, I will be happy to help.


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    welcome to the site,im also in staffordshire.

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    Hello David and welcome to the site.

    I live in Aberdeen and stalk in Aberdeenshire mainly for Roe. I also go to Germany for a week every year wild boar hunting, in fact I am off in January for the January moon. I have a friend who has a really good shoot in Burgan Mozel, about 25Km up the river Mozel from Koblenz. I prefer hunting them under the moon from a high seat better than driven shooting.

    I would be interested to learn where you stalk in Aberdeenshire and hunt boar in Germany.


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    Welcome aboard mate


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    Thank you all for your welcome folks.

    Donsider, my lease is near Alford . We have had the lease there for nine years. Like you, it is mostly roe but we do get some red, especially in the colder weather. We have had one good stag this year and a couple of decent bucks but mostly the bucks have had small heads, though the weights have been OK. The three other lease members live in Aberdeen and its surrounds.

    I agree with you in respect of prefering to hunt boar from the high seat under the moon, rather than driven. I and my buddy from Inverurie will be going over for the February moon!! I hunt in Muhlhausen, Thuringa, in what was East Germany, with a friend whom I met a couple of weeks after the Berlin Wall came down. I also hunt in Boddinsfelde, which is just South of Berlin. Boddinsfelde is where we will go in February. The land at Boddinsfelde belongs to Dutch and German friends with whom we trade hunting. We try to get over two or three times a year. That, with a trip to Africa for plains game and our local pheasant shoot, keeps me pretty busy. The area you hunt in Germany, I have been to but not for hunting.

    Thanks again for the welcome folks.


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    Hi David
    I think I probably purchased a boot liner for a trooper from you is that correct.

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    I remember it well Sikadog. I think I still have the pictures of your labs.

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