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Thread: nikko sterling nighteater

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    nikko sterling nighteater

    been offered a 3-12-56 ir nikko sterling eurohunter/nighteater for 60 thinking for the 17hmr anybody got one wanted to know what there like ?

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    i went out lamping with a chap who was using one on his howa 308, and I shot a fox at around 160 yards (I did well using a right handed thunmbhole as i'm a lefty). The clarity on the scope was very good indeed and he said it never shifted zero at all.
    At 60 quid I would say go for it!!!

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    If its and old one ie made in Japan, possibly by Hakko then go for it. Otherwise cannot comment. I do have a NS MRE which is an excellent piece of glass 10+yrs old.


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    They are good in low light from what I remember, as I had one for a while before I moved it on. For that kind of money I would go for it if it is in good nick.

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    I use one foxing on the 243. It's good for 600+yards too, but, that's in daylight, on 'non living' targets.

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    same use one for foxing on my 243 also .

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    Quote Originally Posted by macfarlane View Post
    same use one for foxing on my 243 also .
    Me too

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    Have 2 one on my 223 for add on NV and also one on my .17HMR like them both...they work better with my NV then more expensive scopes..

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    I just got 1 on my 243 package deal...never used ns before for scopes but it seems ok..only thing is the ir is hard to see(not very bright, even with a new battery)

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    I have another model nikko sterling, and the build quality is awful. Better than no scope, but that's about as far as it goes. I hope the nighteater is better.

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